The Question ..


In 2010 brother Fraz was having a conversation with his 4 year old son Eshcol. Eshcol is a very inquisitive young boy and had many questions on various topics. In Pakistan, where Eschol is growing up, there are many children that seem to just wander the streets. Eshcol had many questions about these poor children. Who were they? Where did they come from? Where are their parents?

Then he asked his father how the children survive.

Brother Fraz did not have the answer to that question off the top of his head, but he promised his son, that if he cound, that he would find out the answers to those questions.

The answers to those questions are what led brother Fraz to found Children Care Organization Pakistan.

street children
Faisalabad, Pakistan

Street Children ..

Street children are among the most physically visible of all children who can be seen living and working on the roads and public squares of cities all over the world. Yet, paradoxically, they are also among the most 'invisible' and therefore hardest children to reach with vital services such as education and health-care, and as would be expected, the most difficult to protect.

Street children is a term used for children experiencing homelessness who live on the streets of any given city. Homeless youth are often called street kids and street youth; the official definition of street children is still contested, but many of the experts and policymakers use UNICEF’s loose definition of 'boys and girls, aged under eighteen years, for whom "the street" (including unoccupied dwellings and wasteland) has become home and/or their source of livelihood, and who are inadequately protected or supervised.'*

We invite you to stay a while and learn about the plight of street children that is occuring around the globe. Learn what Fraz learned about the problems particular to street children in Pakistan, and what he is doing to help the situation. Learn what you might be able to do to help Fraz.


“For I assisted the poor in their need and the orphans who required help. I helped those without hope, and they blessed me. And I caused the widows’ hearts to sing for joy. Everything I did was honest. Righteousness covered me like a robe, and I wore justice like a turban. I served as eyes for the blind and feet for the lame. I was a father to the poor and assisted strangers who needed help.” (Job 29:12–16, NLT)