Invading Insects – Please help

IN July of this year, NPR posted a report titled, Report: Hotline In Lahore Helped Predict Surges In Dengue Fever  about how they are having people call a hotline if they have certain symptoms of dengue to predict where an outbreak may occur.

“Spread by mosquitoes, dengue causes fever, vomiting and muscle and joint pain. But it’s not often fatal. With proper medical care, the death rate is typically less than 1 percent.

In this outbreak, more than 21,000 patients were affected and more than 350 people died. “We’d never had a dengue outbreak of this sort before,” says Umar Saif, chairman of the Punjab Information Technology Board and a coauthor of the study. The number of cases was unprecedented in the area. “The government wasn’t prepared, and we didn’t know what to do. We were basically caught totally by surprise.”  NPR


On August 4th, The Nation reported about the Congo Virus situation in Pakistan

“Pakistan has had a Congo virus scare for many years now. Humans get infected through infected animals, which in turn get it from infected ticks. The stats given by the health departments in Pakistan are rarely trustworthy. Health officials commonly fudge or hide facts and the health coverage in this country is so low that many death go unaccounted.”  The Nation

The article goes on to say that “Less than half the people who contract this virus die, and that too due to improper treatment.”

On August 26th, the Daily Times of Lahore, Pakistan wrote about a dengue fever outbreak in Mansehra, where ‘dozens of infants and children’ were being checked into the King Abdullah Hospital and the Government Hospital Shankiari for treatment for dengue.

And just yesterday, Dunya News- Pakistan had a report about the KMC worker who died of dengue in Karachi.

The street children of Faisalabad are in a desperate situation.  I received this message from my friend;

“The weather has changed here now and the mosquitoes and other insects are active. The mosquitoes are causing Dengue Virus and ticks and flees causing Congo Virus here. The kids need netting to sleep safely and insect Lotions. For this we need $437.” Ps Fraz Siddique

As the NPR article above mentioned, the dengue death rate is usually only 1% of cases, but that is with proper medical care.  The street children are not on a health plan, they have no insurance, they don’t even have proper clothing.  They are the 1% that die.

I am asking my friends if you could spare $5 to help us help these abandoned, orphaned children avoid the pain and suffering of Dengue Fever Virus or the Congo Virus?

Every single penny we raise goes toward the childrens support.  There is no one on a salary.

Thank you for you help is showing these precious children that someone cares.




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