The Orphan Center


Construction has started on the new orphan center35

There are many estimates of 10,000+ street-children who roam the streets of Faisalabad, Pakistan.  These children have no mother or father to support them and no one to take care of them.  They survive off of the kindness of strangers and what they can steal.

Pastor Fraz has been working tirelessly to help these dear children for many years.  Very recently, he was able to secure some land on which to build an orphanage which can easily house 24 children.  The space will also be used for tutoring the children and doing outreach ministry to the many orphans and widows in the area.

With the land secured, Pastor Fraz has instructed the workmen to start construction, and the foundations are being laid.


In order to continue the construction, he needs our help.

It is estimated that the entire project will cost around $7,500.

Would you make a commitment to help construct this building for the orphans?

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