Children Care is non-profit and self-support based organization. It was found in 2010, after when I was having some questioning conversation with my 4 years son Eshcol Siddique, he was questioning on different topics, it was very natural for him to discover about things. He asked me about the Street Kids and asked how they survive. I could not give him answer quickly, than i started to get information how they survive. It was really painful after getting knowledge how do they live, eat, survive and fight against natural disasters. Being Human and hope of others i availed the opportunity to do some thing for them.

The organization employs a wide variety of strategies to address the needs and rights of street children though its on very initial stages. This is our task and goal to help them in every possible way. The organization has list of Missions including Street Children Food Program,Orphanages, Handy-capped Kids,  Providing Education, Building Shelters,  Medical assistance in shape of Free Dispensaries, Community development, Emergency relief, and pure and clean water projects. Its been honor of the organization assisting them with in its very limited resources out come been great. Its amazing how you feel when a bunch of kids get inspired by what you are doing, specially considering the fact they are very younger then you and you have the ability to move them. We are actually making it happen.

Establishing of the organization website is a great bliss to share the information to you. The organization looks forward to partner with you as it needs to start the projects again. We are not yet connected any type of organization. You can be a part of this organization by supporting once or monthly. You donations directly go to the Poor, needy, orphans and Street Kids. The board of director will decide where to sent relief if nothing is mentioned and specified from you. To have a quick look of our work