What Would You Do?

113° F

On May 18th, at around 6:07am EDT, i received a message from a dear friend in Pakistan.  He wrote;

Greetings brother , brother please update on page that we need funds for food. Its 45+C here so very difficult situation here without food.

may18… and then he sent me a picture of his screen.

… i could see the “+45°”  and being that i grew up in a country that didn’t teach the metric system, i had to do a search for a conversion chart.

… and there is was, 113°F at 3:06 in the afternoon, without a cloud in the sky to provide a little shade.

… this was on this last Wednesday morning, when i was on vacation with some relatives and friends at a timeshare in the mountains of the western part of Virginia.  on one evening we thought that we would have frost, as our temperatures dropped to 35°, and the locals talked of having to cover their tomato plants.

… in fact, it was so cold on the mountain that there weren’t near as many deer and groundhogs foraging as there were the night we had arrived.

… and the golfers had to wear sweaters, as they teed off for their $67 morning round of golf cart riding golf.

… what would you do?

… i tried to get online and send some relief, in the form of money to purchase some food and water, but i did not have access to my accounts from my location in the mountains, and  i did not remember my password to the MoneyGram® account that i use to transfer funds, but i told my friend that i would share the great need with everyone i know and try to get some help.

… on Thursday morning i received another message from my friend.  he wrote,

Greetings brother , Update is that we still are in great need please stand with us in prayers and please continue praying for our kids brother. I strongly trust Lord will provide for them. Deuteronomy 31:8 The LORD himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.

… my brother knows that if i have anything to spare, that he can trust me to share with him what the LORD has provided in my hands, but i did not have access from my mountain top holiday retreat.  i had bigger issues to deal with, like ‘what time does the heated indoor pool open’, and ‘does the salad come with the $12.00 lasagne, or is it extra?’

… and i assured my dear friend, that at my earliest convenience, i would send him what i could.

… our holiday in the mountains ended on Friday morning, promptly at 10:00am “check-out” time, and we proceeded to start our two hour journey down the mountain, back to our home and gardens, where food seems to be growing up everywhere.

… i had intended to send some money when i got home, as i know they are ahead by 11 hrs, and the banks close early on Saturdays there too, but i got busy checking my garden and mowing the lawn, and i honestly forgot until early this morning, at around 3:00 am EDT when i woke up and got on-line.  at midnight my time, my dear friend had posted that one of the children he works with, a ten year old boy named Aakash, has gone missing.  the children have not had food for a couple of days, and in the 100 degree + heat, he had gone to the canal side of town to cool off, but he has now disappeared.

… i sent some funds for some food and water.

… one hour later, at 4:08 am, i learned that Aakash had been found dead.

… i can’t help but wonder what would have happened if i had send money 12 hours earlier?

… now it is 6:29 am, and the funeral for Aakash will be just about finished.  as an orphaned street-child, there will be no large gathering in a funeral home with snacks.  just a simple burial with a few other street-children, and my dear friend.

… i checked the forecast for my friend’s weather, and the near future does not look very good either.

… would you consider sharing with an orphaned child who just wants to stay alive?

… every single penny that you share, will go to the direct support of the street-children.  there is no-one who makes any money off of this campaign.  the needs are so great, and there are so few that are willing to share.

“Pure and genuine religion
in the sight of God the Father
means caring for orphans and widows
in their distress
and refusing to let the world
corrupt you.”

(James 1:27, NLT)



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